Street Photographer Jeff Wesseling

(Photographer) image photo credit Matthew Douglas


Way back in 1982 I picked up my first camera, a cool little Nikon FG 35mm. Immediately found a spiritual passion for capturing images.

Within a year I was in college studying photography and darkroom technics. Quickly after that I found myself teaching photography in continuing education programs for the board of education.

As far as being a commercial photographer, I really had no interest in it, I just wanted to shoot whatever I found interesting. I preferred the bizarre unexpected results when experimenting so I loved to push the boundaries of the camera and film.

When digital came along I completely embraced it, studied PhotoShop from PhotoShop v2.0. Then became the Digital Imaging Production Manager for a large desktop publishing company which was great, but... having a more than full time career didn't leave much time for my own photography interests so I put it aside for many, many years until recently when I semi-retired.

Now with a bit more time on my hands I picked up some new gear and headed out to wonder the world, simply love to travel and capture unexpected beauty of the people, cities and nature.

It has been an incredibly inspiring and a wonderful way to see the world. Hope you enjoy my images!


Oh yeah, I am also a musician — here's a couple of my projects.

Jacobus Alphonso

A Thirst For Faith

And my wifes gorgeous awarding winning photography site.

Rosa Wang Photography


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